Why Board Members Love Advice Visits

Why do board members love Advice Visits?

Because they find them to be a relief.

If you send your board members out into the community connecting with important people and asking for advice, they’ll usually be very happy.

It’s because they don’t have to do a long, detailed presentation. And they are not comfortable doing that. They don’t feel that they know enough.

They ARE  comfortable with the idea of seeking advice and input.

After all, they are the community representatives on the board.

It is totally appropriate for your board members to be asking other community leaders for their best thinking on how to achieve the organization’s goals.

They do not have to present a detailed case for support in order to be effective personal advocates for the cause.

If your board members take on Advice Visits with vigor, they will become actively engaged in bringing their own friends into the fold as well as VIP community leaders whom they know.

You will find that they actually like these visits.

If you set your board members to make Advice Visits, you will be surprised at the energy and gusto with which they will tackle meeting with their friends, associates, and community leaders.

Your organization can only benefit when your board members reach out to their social and professional circles in order to gain advice and help.

As they take on their appropriate role as personal advocates for your mission, they will help expand your organization’s social capital.

They are making valuable friends and contacts who will be willing to help you out in many different ways.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. —T. S. Eliot