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Average Gift Size to Haiti is Smaller Than Other Disasters - What That Means to Us

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported this week that some international relief organizations said their average gift size to help the Haiti crisis is smaller than after the tsunamis in 2004. The good news is that the number of gifts went up even if the size of the gift was down.iStock_000011708698XSmallFor example, (and I'm quoting from the Chronicle article here:)
In the first 10 weekdays after the earthquake in Haiti, Mercy Corps received 61,505 contributions, compared with 49,561 donations during the same period after the tsunamis. But the average size of the Haiti gifts was $109, compared with $208 for the tsunami gifts.

Emotional Hot Buttons to Use When You are Writing Your Appeals

I am reading my favorite blog today, the Agitator. The authors Roger Craver and Tom are "direct response" guru's (remember it used to be called "direct mail?" Now it's much more sophisticated direct response.)help button red photoThey are citing an article by Denny Hatch about the best way to write "marketing copy." That's the technical term for the wording we use when we write appeals, brochures, email broadcasts and our fundraising materials.Denny is apparently an old pro at marketing and copywriting. He says that we need to be sure to do the following things:

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Be Contrarian - When Others are Falling Back, It's Time to Move Forward

I was reading one of my favorite blogs last week - For Impact - and just had to share this with you. Tom Suddes and Nick Fedders (the For Impact folks) are two smart, and contrarian guys.I highly recommend their blog - especially if you are in capital campaign mode.It's a dynamite addition to my "31 year-end strategies in 31 days of October." Here's the most compelling advice you could possibly get to boost your year-end campaign strategy.Here's what they wrote last week."Just saw a note from one year ago today (19 Oct 08) in my journal… from über-investor Warren Buffett:“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”My parallel thought goes like this:Be ASKING when others are hiding. Be ASKING even when others are asking.JUST ASK. It was almost a year ago when the economy crashed and everyone in the nonprofit world panicked. I wrote NOW MORE THAN EVER, where I basically said that this too shall pass….. and then that every For Impact organization needed to stay in front of its best investors (not hide under the desk).I guess the recession is “officially” over. Dow just went back to 10,000. However, there is still a ton of people without jobs; and, clearly, things will never go back to the way they were.For most of us in the third sector the DEMAND for our services and support has dramatically increased.NOW MORE THAN EVER… we need to be out with our best CHAMPIONS and PROSPECTIVE INVESTORS.Go forth… and JUST ASK!

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