Is Gail coming to speak at your event?
The following will help you to plan your logistics:

How should the  room be set up?GP At the podium NICF National Conference

Board Retreats – The set-up should facilitate open group discussion. The size of the group can largely impact the best configuration. For 20-25 people or less, a large conference table works well.  Larger group, smaller tables that facilitate large group as well as small breakout scenarios.

Keynote Address – This may vary depending upon the number of attendees.   Larger groups should be set up in large round tables when the space permits.

What are the AV Requirements?

Gail requires a projector & screen but brings her presentation on her own laptop. She uses a Mac but will bring a converter for the projector.  As a back-up, her presentation will also be on a flash drive so it is recommended that a PC be on hand in case there are any technical difficulties.

When the group is larger than 50, a lavalier microphone is prefered.

Want photos of your event posted on our site?

We would love to post photos of your event to our site.  We will ask your permission to use any photos that we take as well as are happy to share those that your organization makes available to us.   Work with Gail and her staff after the event to share for display.

Gail is speaking at your event and you need an intro?

Click here for introduction. Or contact us and we help you customize it to your event.


Interested in talking to us about Gail speaking at your event?

Please contact us directly for availability and & fees. We would love to hear from you!