Thank you for joining me for my presentation at the
Kansas Head Start Association

September 12, 2018

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Creating a Culture of Philanthropy within the Kansas Not-for-Profit World

presented by Gail Perry MBA CFRE

Discover how to build a culture of philanthropy inside your organization – one where people value donors, appreciate fundraising as a key mission component, and participate in fundraising activities. We’ll explore what happens when staff or board members dislike fundraising – and how that subtly undermines your success.

You’ll discover how to build the key 4 components of a Culture of Philanthropy for your organization. You’ll learn how to get board members, leadership, and program staffers working with you to embrace and celebrate your donors. We’ll discuss specific steps you can take to change everyone’s view of fundraising and gain their support.

Gail will lead a provocative discussion and add her own perspective on how to build the vital internal support you need. You’ll be able to share your own perspective about what’s going on at your own organization – and get coaching on how to change it.

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