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Girls On The Run

January 2018

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Donor Relationships

If They Love You They Will Give Big: Developing Stellar Relationships With Major Donors

Working with major donors requires a sophisticated, friendly, light-touch approach. It’s never about the money. Instead it’s all about the relationship.

AFP Master Teacher and author Gail Perry shows you how to take the major donor down the cultivation highway that will take you to a big gift. We talk about big mistakes fundraisers and volunteers make, and how to dig yourself out of a hole when things go wrong. Gail shares a fundraiser’s two greatest tools for securing successful major gifts. Take a step-by-step approach starting at the very beginning – finding new major gift prospects. Finally, Gail shares her 5 favorite, easy to use prospect research tools, setting you off on the right foot for this important fundraising journey.

Fundraising Events

How to Stage a Highly Profitable Fundraising Event

Are you able to maximize the profit from your fundraising events?

Join Gail Perry to discover how to pull it off.

You’ll learn a great cost structure that guarantees a nice profit.

We’ll discuss how to get VIPs and major donors to your event, and how to execute a powerful mission-focused program that will inspire donors to give.

You’ll discover

  • the difference between a hard ask and a soft ask at an event,
  • ways to maximize your event sponsorships,
  • tips for keeping your volunteers motivated, strategies to turn event attendees into mission-focused donors,
  • how fundraising events fit inside a full-scale, smart fundraising program, and
  • how to turn your fundraising event into the best party in town!

You’ll get detailed, actionable steps to maximize your fundraising event’s success.

Board Fundraising

Easy Fundraising & Friendmaking for the Board (2-part series)

Wish you could create a fired-up, engaged board excited about possibilities for your organization and eager to play a part in making it happen?

International consultant and author Gail Perry CFRE shares her secrets to igniting your board’s passion, changing their mindset about fundraising, and setting them to work in easy friend-making roles that will directly impact the bottom line.

You’ll discover practical ways to tap board members’ fundraising potential and activate their enthusiasm for all aspects of fundraising – finding friends and donors, and spreading the good word about their vision for a better community.

Learn practical, easy no-solicit strategies for each person to support fundraising and directly impact the bottom line – whether you are conducting an annual fund, major gifts or a peer to peer campaign.

Gail shares enjoyable exercises you can do with your board that engage them, teach them new skills and educate them about how fundraising works today. You will leave this session having learned how to make the fundraising process less intimidating, and how to empower your board to be in action making friends for the cause.