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at AFP Wilmington

November 29, 2017

PowerPoint Presentation

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 21st Century Donors: Building Long Term Relationships
that Yield Mega Major Gifts

AFP Wilmington 2017Working with 21st century major donors requires a sophisticated, friendly, light-touch approach.

It’s never about the money. Instead it’s all about the relationship.

AFP Master Teacher and author Gail Perry shows you how to take the major donor down the cultivation highway that leads directly to a major gift.

Explore attitudes and giving habits in different age groups – from millennials to boomers — and where to look for the major gifts you need today. Practice power questions to find out what’s in your donor’s heart and mind. Best of all, you’ll learn Gail’s easy 4 Steps to an Asking Conversation — a donor-centered, polite approach that any organization can take, no matter how large or small you are.