What’s the Difference Between an “Event” and a “Party?”

Everyone has fun when you turn your event into the best party in town!

In fundraising, we are staging “events” all the time.

We bring people together in social situations in order to cultivate and thank donors – and to promote our causes.

“Event management” is a standard area of focus for many fundraisers.

Well, we have all been to too many “events.”   And they haven’t been too much fun.  Maybe they’ve even been a bit of a grind.

You know the definition of an “event?”

An event is when you throw lots of folks into a room and hope they survive – much less manage to have a good time.

Now let’s talk about “parties” for a change.

Do you know the definition of a “party?”

A “party” is when you throw a lot of folks into a room and make sure they have a good time.

You focus on your guests.

They are your main concern – not the food, the wine, the decorations, the servers, the program, or the venue.  Your guests will come first.

You welcome them, introduce them around, tend to them and make sure they are not lonely standing in a corner desperately looking for someone to talk to.

This is the way to treat everyone at a social gathering any time.

I say “down with events!” and “UP WITH PARTIES!”

Would You Rather Go to a Fundraising Event or the Best Party in Town?

Clearly this is a no-brainer!

red carpetWhen I ask my audiences whether they would rather go to a fundraising event or a fabulous party, everyone laughs – or winces, depending on how well their events are going and how much fun – or not fun – they all are.

Too many nonprofit organizations are shooting themselves in the foot because they treat their social gatherings as events, not parties.

And this shows up in their marketing and promo for their events as well as during the occasion itself.

What benefits will come to your organization if you can pull off “the best party in town” rather than just another “event?”

• People will have fun and they will tell others about it.

• Community BUZZZZ will flow – because this is something folks will talk about!

• The word will go out in the community that you are a dynamic organization that can put your cause on the map.

• You will gain a great reputation and more people will know about your cause.

• You’ll put more friends and donors on your bandwagon of making your community a better place.

• Even better – next year when you have your party, more people will come.

• Next year, it will be easy to market. When you go out to get sponsors for your event, it will be easier because they have already heard of your cause and your organization.

• And when you are out enlisting new board members, it just might be easier because they already think positively about your organization.

Why not be known as the folks who stage fantastic parties on behalf of your cause?

Who says that charity work has to be dreary and full of self sacrifice?  There is too little fun to be had in the world anyway.

People are desperate to have a good time and it doesn’t come easily to many people. Nobody’s having very much fun these days.

Be the organization who happily brings friends and supporters into your cause – welcoming everyone to have fun while you change the world for the better.