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2018 PSI Conference on Philanthropy and Fundraising

June 28, 2018

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The CEO’s Role in Securing Transformational Gifts

What’s the role of the CEO in creating major fundraising success? Actually, CEO’s hold a golden key that can open the door to many high net worth donors’ gifts. In fact, CEO’s who can effectively engage with major donors can be indispensable assets in fundraising.

Author and consultant Gail Perry has coached many CEO’s through the fundraising adventure to secure transformational gifts. She’ll share the special tools CEO’s must have to be successful, and how to avoid five common mistakes CEO’s make when engaging with donors. You’ll discover an easy road map to guide a CEO through major donor relationships that yield mega gifts.

Capital Campaigns: Calling and Asking Like a Pro

Capital campaigns are often all about “asking.” We all know that in-person asks are the highest and most productive use of any fundraiser’s – or volunteer’s – time. There are lots of way to make asking easier, gentler and much more successful. Gail Perry will share the secrets that all experienced fundraisers know – how to make the ask a seamless step in your relationship with the donor.

You’ll discover new ways to engage with your donor so that asking becomes successful – the first time and every time:

  • How to make the ask a polite, organic, and natural occurrence.
  • How to have an enjoyable, successful visit with a donor.
  • How to prepare and warm up a donor for the ask.
  • The seven questions to answer before you walk in the door to make the ask.
  • What is reconnaissance and how does it prepare you for successful asks?
  • Who should go on the ask visit?
  • How to coach board members and volunteers who just can’t bring themselves to ask – and how to get them to come on the visit with you.