5 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Bring in More Planned Gifts Tomorrow

Planned Giving Webinar

Do you worry about missing out on the huge potential of planned giving as a fundraising strategy?

All my fundraising friends are asking for HELP. It’s because they really don’t have a whole lot of extra time or staff to really go after the money they KNOW is sitting right there.

This one-hour pre-recorded webinar will show you how to get better results from whatever you are ALREADY doing to woo planned giving donors. And if you are just starting planned giving for your nonprofit, here’s the smart place to start!

Join us to discover how to get your donors’  attention, make successful asks, and close planned gifts.

Our special guest is our Fired-Up Fundraising Planned Giving Guru  — Claire Meyerhoff.  

Planned giving is where the money is!

Planned giving is where the money is!

Claire is a nonprofit communications and marketing expert who specializes in PLANNED GIVING MARKETING.

She’s worked with large nonprofits who are working to hone their marketing and messaging. She’s also worked with some of the large outsourced direct-mail planned giving marketing companies. She’s seen it all.

She’s the perfect person to help you.

Whether you have an existing planned giving program (great!) or you’re in “thinking about it” mode, you’ll learn fresh, creative ways to engage your loyal donors right away and without a lot of time-consuming fuss.

How to Ask

You’ll discover the best ways of asking – on paper, online, and in person. As a former public relations pro and CNN reporter, Claire is used to producing content for an audience that can tune out any second, just like our donors can (and do) toss fundraising appeals in the trash or delete e-newsletters.

Here’s what you will learn: 

  • how to get your donors’ attention about planned gifts for YOUR organization
  • why you should stop focusing on “messaging” and look for real stories that communicate to donors why it’s important for them to put your charity in their will
  • how to translate your everyday planned giving challenges into can-do action items
  • how to overcome even the biggest time and budget constraints (yes, it IS possible to build your program with not a lot of resources!)
  • how to get YOUR program attention despite all the competition
  • why you need to make your case (and the surprising statistic that means you have a great chance of succeeding)
  • the best ways of asking for planned gifts (and the ones you MUST avoid)


My special guest: Claire Meyerhoff

Claire Meyerhoff is a marketing specialist in Washington, DC, who works with nonprofits to improve and streamline their planned giving marketing. She’s passionate about making sure nonprofits’ planned giving efforts fit within their broader communications strategy.

After years of meeting with “dozens, maybe hundreds” of fundraisers, Claire understands your real-world challenges and how hard it can be to build a program with limited resources.

Claire Meyerhoff helps national charities, advocacy groups, hospitals, universities, colleges, independent schools and faith-based organizations raise money. She’s also helped some of the large planned giving marketing firms. I know you’ll walk away with a short, do-able “Planned Giving to-do list.”

Click below to access the powerpoint and recording from this one-hour class.

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I know one thing that gets in the way of a lot of nonprofits’ planned giving efforts: the initial investment of time and money.

It doesn’t just happen overnight. (You want your donor to live a long, long time, right?)  But it can be so, so worth it.

Just one bequest can make a huge difference in the ENTIRE future of your organization. (That’s the stuff of dreams, isn’t it?)

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