Master Class:

Top 10 Planned Giving Marketing Secrets
& The Ultimate Ask: Combining a Major Gifts Campaign and Planned Giving into One Ask

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Claire Meyerhoff
Claire Meyerhoff is a former TV reporter for CNN, and she sure knows how to spin out a story – even one on bequests!

So when Claire shows you how to talk about planned gifts – you should know that her take is refreshing and original. She’s an absolute marketing whiz, and can help you bring in new planned gifts to grow your organization and its endowment.

Here’s what she covers:

Top 10 Planned Giving Marketing Secrets

Bequests are the ultimate gift. And there are plenty of potential planned giving donors out there for you and your organization. Where are the donors who will be leaving you $250k bequests? If you are not communicating with them that you’re in the “planned giving game,” then you might miss some major opportunities. 

Join Fired up Fundraising’s Planned Giving Guru Claire Meyerhoff to learn 10 easy marketing and communication strategies you can implement right away.

Learn how to talk about planned giving in a way that is encouraging and donor-centered.

  • Stop using “spray and pray” tactics and learn how to ask the right people.
  • Discover how to seamlessly weave planned giving messages into all of your communications.
  • Make sure your loyal donors include your organization in their wills, trusts and other estate plans.

The Ultimate Ask: Combining the Major and Planned Giving Ask

Major and planned gifts together are the holy grail of fundraising. Here’s where the biggest gifts of all come forward. Gail and Claire show you how to identify the right prospects for this Ultimate Ask. You’ll learn you how to do a “double ask” and help the donor put together a transformational gift using different types of assets, including wills, trusts, insurance and retirement plans. Here’s how to build your endowment and fund your capital campaign at the same time. 

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