Workshop: How to Create a Donor-Centered Appeal Letter

Write Your Appeal Letter With Love, Inspire Your Donors and Raise More Money

with expert Jen Love, partner in the Canadian direct-response firm Agents of Good 

agentjenjuly15Welcome to our special appeal-letter workshop just in time for the fall fundraising season.

You can get the entire 90-minute workshop, examples, audio and video to help you create amazing appeal letters.

Our presenter, Jen Love, is partner at the Canadian direct-response firm Agents for Good — she also is borderline fanatical about donor love. And she’s helped create some world-famous appeals that donors raved over and that quadrupled donations.

Jen will show us EXACTLY how to creatively use your voice to share amazing, inspiring stories.

You’ll find out what makes a letter truly donor-centered, so that it speaks directly to your donors and touches their hearts.

More than just the mechanics of the letter, this session will show you how to do emotional fundraising — showing donors how their core values can be brought to life by supporting your organization.

You’ll learn how to tap into what your donors believe in, and how to make them heroes in your next story.

Of course, you’ll leave the workshop with tricks, appeal-letter tips, samples of excellent letters to copy, checklists for what to do, and more.

We even did three LIVE “Appeal-Letter Makeovers” using actual letters submitted by my INSIDERS.

You will discover how to:

  • Make creative use of voice (Hint: It’s actually voices, and they don’t have to be human!)
  • Connect to donors’ values and emotions
  • Shift the focus of your letter from “what we do” to “what you make possible”
  • Use the right interview questions to get you the stories and feelings you need
  • Use the framework of a winning appeal letter

This session also includes:

  • Pre-written templates that you can use to get your donor-centered appeal letter into great shape
  • Monthly Donor Planning Tool

Meet Jen Love and Agents of Good 

Agent Jen is a storyteller, and not in a poetic sense. In a fumbling, arm-waving, half-sentence-speaking, let’s get-to-the-heart-and-the-feelings sense. Write drunk, edit sober…even if you’re only drunk on emotions.

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