How Board Members Can Help You Go Over Goal This Year-End!

A Free Webinar with Gail Perry


It’s year-end fundraising time! Time to pull out all the stops and enlist everyone’s help – including your board members.

In this free webinar, I share some easy ways to get your board members motivated, organized, cheerfully pitching in and helping out. No kidding!

I review 10 easy tactics they can implement RIGHT NOW to help you catapult your fundraising results right here at year-end.

There are so many EASY ways and places where board members can help: from letter writing, to emailing, connecting on social media, Giving Tuesday, hosting events, telephoning, making major donor visits, connecting with foundations, corporate, and public funding sources – board members can play important roles to ramp up giving to your nonprofit at year-end.

The webinar also includes a sneak preview of my new video series, The Board Member’s Guide to Fundraising: 10 Rules for Success Every Board Member Should Know.

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How Board Members Can Help You Go Over Goal This Year-End!

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