Take Your Board from Bored to Blazing:
7 Steps to Fire Up your Board

Webinar with Gail Perry

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Join me for one of my most popular keynote addresses! I’ll share my out-of-the box motivational approach to engage and inspire your board members, and prime them for action. These strategies work with all kinds of boards!

I hope you can join me to learn my secrets to creating a board that is excited about your mission and ready for action. I’ll share my popular Fired-Up System of seven steps to ignite your board’s passion and energize its culture. You’ll enjoy this practical, motivational approach for revving up the energy of the well-meaning volunteers who serve on your board.

Boards really like this presentation so bring your board members!

Let’s work together on these simple new ways to inspire your board to a higher calling and evoke a deeper commitment.

  • Five critical things board members want —and how you can give it to them.
  • The No. 1 reason people join boards —it’s not what you think!
  • How to make your programming come alive for your board members.
  • How to overcome the “All Talk but No Action” syndrome.
  • How to evoke your board members’ hidden passion.
  • How field trips can awaken new energy.
  • Mission Possible: 12 Ways to Liven Up a Board Meeting.
  • How to bring your mission alive in your board members’ hearts.
  • Why social time matters.
  • How to create trust and collegiality on the board.


Take Your Board from Bored to Blazing: 7 Steps to Fire Up your Board

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