Discovering Major Gifts Prospects for Your Cause

We all know that major gifts are the most important, most lucrative, most efficient way to raise money. Right?

BUT are you bringing in all the major gift dollars that you think might be available to you? Probably not!

Even if you are a small organization, short on time, hamstrung by conflicting demands, you can still land major gifts – you just have to be focused and organized.

Join me for an important workshop to help you  jumpstart a Major Gift effort for your organization.

Or, if you already have a major gifts program, but it is not performing where you want it to be, then this workshop will give it a serious boost toward more productivity and higher results.

This is a special 2 1/2 hour digital workshop.

I will be giving you breaks during the workshop to give you time to work directly with your team and actually get something done. I don’t want to just dish out information to you and then find out you never had time to implement it.

We’ll cover major gift prospecting from A to Z.  We will even show you how to be successful getting in the door.  (That initial phone call and first visit are often the hardest of all. Yikes!)

You’ll learn several ways to prospect for major donors. Where to look. Where you are forgetting to look. What’s the profile of your major gift donor? Can you find a prospect for a transformational gift? :)

My special guest will be John Greenhoe, author of “Opening the Door to Major Gifts: Mastering the Discovery Call.” He’s going to show us how to successfully make that initial appointment with your donor. (you really, really need this coaching!)

You Will Learn…
The Art of Identifying Major Gift Prospects.
  • Who is a major gift prospect; what’s a major gift?
  • Forgotten high dollar prospects you might be missing.
  • How to play the VIP Prospect Game for BIG results.
  • How to get your board involved in identifying TOP prospects.
How to Create a Major Gifts Team to Support You.
  • Why you need a major gifts team, and how to form one.
  • What roles can other people play to help move your prospects closer to big gifts?
  • Easy shortcuts for smaller organizations.
How to Create and Organize Your Major Prospect List.
  • How to rate your prospects – what to consider and what to leave out.
  • How to determine a financial capacity rating.
  • How to determine an interest/likelihood rating.
  • Creating your Top 20 High Dollar Prospect List.
How to Identify Prospects for a Transformational Gift.
  • What is the typical profile of a transformational gift prospect?
  • Where are they for your organization?
How to Do Deep Reconnaissance and Research your Major Gift Prospects.
  • How to use on-line research efficiently.
  • Should you invest in wealth screening?
  • My favorite type of informal research: Word of Mouth/Hearsay.
  • How to set up a “screening session” with your high dollar volunteers.
How to Make a Successful First Contact with a Major Donor Prospect.
  • How to respond to “is this about a gift?”
  • How many times can you call?
  • What to say when you leave a message?
  • How to get past the gatekeeper?
  • What to say when you reach your prospect.
  • Should you send a letter or email first before you call?

Prior to the workshop HOMEWORK:

  • Create a list of your top 20 major prospects to this workshop.
  • Have at least one additional person from your office or board to attend the workshop with you.


Worksheets and Handouts To Help You Raise Big Money
  • Create a major gifts team and assign roles
  • Profile of a major donor prospect
  • Excel format for setting up prospect list
  • Prospect rating worksheet
  • Transformational gift discovery worksheet
  • The VIP Prospect Game with your board members
  • Specific research data to find out about your major prospects.
  • Sample prospect data form.
  • How to organize an in-person Screening Session
  • Tips for getting past the gatekeeper
My Special Guest: John Greenhoe 


John Greenhoe, CFRE, has more than 20 years of experience in nonprofit leadership roles. He has worked at Western Michigan University (WMU) since 2001 and currently serves as Director of Development. At WMU and in his previous fundraising role the Greater Kalamazoo Area American Red Cross, John has successfully conducted hundreds of identification calls with prospective major gift donors.

major-gifts-bookJohn has a strong communications background, giving him a unique perspective on fundraising. He began his career as a newspaper journalist and later worked as a sports information and public relations director at Kalamazoo (Mich.) College. John is a popular and frequent speaker before national audiences on numerous philanthropic topics. And he’s recently written and released THE BOOK on Major Gifts “Opening the Door to Major Gifts: Mastering the Discovery Call.”

I hope you can join us. Be sure to register today and learn how to discover and get in front of major gift donors.

When you Register for this Workshop, You’ll Receive:

  • Downloadable Audio File to listen to whenever YOU want
  • Downloadable PDF of Gail’s and John’s Presentations
  • Downloadable PDF containing Gail’s workbooks and handouts.

All for $149