Build a High Revenue Major Gifts program

Are you ready to take advantage of the golden age of major gift fundraising?

Discover how to ramp up your major gift fundraising and achieve bountiful new revenue streams for your nonprofit.

Major Gifts are the holy grail for so many nonprofits.  Aren’t they for your organization?
But do you really have a systematic major gift program that creates results?

There are plenty of obstacles that hold deserving nonprofits back – let’s tackle them together!

You’ll learn what it really takes to get organized to raise the major gifts your organization needs so badly: How to structure your prospect lists, how to build in accountability, and how to get donors to agree to meet with you.

Bring your board members and leaders! We’ll discuss WHY they should invest in major gifts fundraising.

In this Free Webinar, you’ll learn:

Why major gift fundraising is the most effective way to raise funds for your cause.

How to engage your board members and leaders to help with major gifts. 

What limiting attitudes get in your way and how to overcome them.

The two major systems you’ve got to have if you want to be successful.

Why changing the conversation from “fundraising” to “philanthropy” will help get the whole organization on board the major gifts train.

How to make major gifts a priority when you are swamped with too many things to do.

Easy and fun ways to engage board members in the major gift fundraising process.

Where to look for your easy, “sleeper” major gift prospects.

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Some Comments from Participants

Key takeaway: The importance of a plan, the need for support and a team.

I just love this. THANK YOU! I have lots of sticky notes all over my desk right now but mostly is that fundraising is a GOOD thing, not negative.

My take away – be organized, structured and continuously update the prospect list

As a one person shop, this information helps me focus or refocus, stay on track, not be overwhelmed, and gives me a step by step roadmap.

Turns the daunting task of major gifts into a project that is doable.

Gail reinvigorates you in your profession by gently getting your focus to being a conduit of joy. Raising funds can actually be fun!

… great insight into how we can work better to engage our board, and the importance of taking more steps to get out the door and start building relationships.

… even small organizations with limited staff can have a major gifts program.