Thumbs UpIt really all comes down to asking, doesn’t it?

That’s when the moment of truth in fundraising really happens!

I want to totally transform your approach to asking. It’s not a “pitch” – they don’t work so very well all the time. Instead, it’s a conversation and an engagement.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the techniques and skills that will bring in the money.

You’ll learn how to properly prep yourself AND your prospect, so no one is surprised by the ask amount. You’ll learn how to warm your donor up for the ask, and how to test for the right ask amount.

We’ll get your mindset organized correctly: you need an abundance mentality, contagious energy and enthusiasm and a few other ingredients too.

You’ll discover how to find out where your donors’ interests lie – and how to fan the flames of their own interests and personal passions so they will say “yes!”

We’ll discuss:

– How to know your prospect is ready for the ask.
– What determines 85% of your success in a typical ask visit.
– What you MUST do before you pop the ask question.
– How to open the conversation in an interesting, engaging way.
– The 7 reconnaissance questions to answer before every ask.
– How to test for the right amount.
– Exactly how to frame your ask in the most compelling way.
– What will quickly turn your prospect off.

It’s only $49, so if you want to transform your approach to asking into something that is far, far more successful, do join me!

When you register for this workshop, You’ll Receive:

  • Unlimited Replays
  • Downloadable MP3 Audio File to Listen to whenever YOU want
  • Downloadable PDF Presentation Handout

All for $49 – Click here to buy now!

This webinar is free to members of the Fired-Up Fundraising INSIDERS – it’s included in their subscription.

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