Free Webinar: How a Smart Fundraising Plan Can Transform Your Fundraising AND Save Your Butt

A Free Webinar with Gail Perry


How to Get Organized to Bring In Max Revenue to Your Nonprofit

If you and your team are sometimes overwhelmed and frustrated . . . 
If you are working harder than you should . . . 
Then you need to get organized with a smart fundraising plan

What you will learn in this webinar …

  • My 6- step formula to create a Highly Profitable Fundraising Plan.
  • The 5 Cage Rattling Questions you can ask during the planning process.
  • The very first step you MUST take in the planning process.
  • 10 serious challenges that happen when you don’t have a plan.
  • How your Fundraising Plan can engage everyone and create a sense of team.
  • How you can use the planning process to educate your board and leaders about how fundraising really works today.
  • How to get well organized to bring in the most money ever to your nonprofit!

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Highly Profitable Fundraising Toolkit

that will help you get everyone on board, and lay out a step-by-step plan to bring in max contributions to your nonprofit.

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How a Smart Fundraising Plan Can Transform Your Fundraising AND Save Your Butt!

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How to Plan Your Fundraising Calendar and Reach Your Full Potential

A Free Webinar with Gail Perry

What you need to master for success this year

You’ll discover …

  • a month-by-month strategy for what to do when in 2017
  • what to let go of this year if you want fundraising success in 2017
  • the 10 topics you need to master in 2017
  • what you need to focus on each month, in order to explode your fundraising success

Get ready to achieve transformational results through your annual fundraising goals.
It just takes some smart and careful planning.

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