Monthly Giving can be a Pot of Gold for Your Organization

Monthly Giving can be a Pot of Gold

Monthly giving just hasn’t taken off in the US like it has in Europe.

I keep hearing that the streets are packed with cheerful solicitors who will come up to you and ask you to consider a monthly gift to their cause.

And here are the latest statistics on the number of monthly gifts in the UK.

You won’t believe it:

37% of ALL DONORS in the UK are monthly givers.

And monthly donations amount to 31% of ALL GIVING in the UK.

Of course people who give monthly easily make much larger annual gifts than the typical donor.

Last I read, people who give monthly give about $220 a year in total gifts to their organization. And this stat may be out of date.

What’s more, the average monthly gift that a donor in the UK makes is 11.95 pounds, which in US dollars is around $220.

So what’s the lesson here? Promote monthly giving wherever and however you can.

Approach your annual donors to convert to a monthly bank draw or credit card debit.

In my own philanthropy, the two organizations that I support financially the most are on monthly debits from my bank account.

It makes the gift easier, simpler, painless, and without consideration.

I made the commitment once, and I’m happy with it – and I don’t have to write the check each month – which could deter my generosity!

Thanks to my favorite blog, The Agitator, for this tip.