(MG Series #5) The Three Most Critical Elements of Every Successful Major Gift Program

Are you and your team ready for a prosperous and productive 2021? Are you making plans for more generous major and principal gifts to flow into your organization?

We think 2021 will be a good, solid year for major gifts. With the soaring stock market, many donors are doing fine, even feeling wealthy.

There will be plenty of opportunity for smart major gift fundraisers. Don’t miss this rare moment – because your institution should be ready to capitalize on the good economic times too.

But let’s back up a minute.

Are you feeling that there are roadblocks keeping you and your team away from major gifts?

If so, I hope you’ll consider joining our Major Gifts Intensive for 2021. The organizations joining us will get training and coaching to help create mega success for this year – and for the long term future. 

Here are the top three critical elements we teach.

You need these elements working together in order to be successful raising major gifts in 2021:

1. Closing major gifts takes know-how and training.

Many fundraisers tell us they are unsure exactly how to approach donors. They feel awkward having conversations with prospects. Some feel lost when they try to identify the right prospects to focus on. Many feel alone and overwhelmed.

Our Major Gift Intensive members learn all the soft skills they need to be successful major gift fundraisers. We teach them advanced Discovery Skills to help them find the right donors who are most interested in helping with a gift.

They will be learning how to listen for a donor’s passions and interests. And how to take the next steps to move a donor closer to a gift. And we gently push everyone out the door to go visit (or zoom with) their prospects. 🙂

Our members will also learn data analysis skills – how to keep up with all the information they learn about their donors and how to use it to predict major gift outcomes.

We believe strongly that working smarter, not harder, is what helps busy fundraisers achieve raising more money. Knowing how to put your data to work for you leads to success.

2. Successful major gift fundraising takes a team.

We like for teams to register for the Major Gifts Intensive together. That way, everyone in the team speaks a common language, learns the same concepts and strategies.

We also offer an optional training for board members. They can help too. Key volunteers don’t have to be out there soliciting, but they can help open doors to prospects and help you think through strategies.

No organization will ever be successful in major gift fundraising with siloed major gift officers. They should never be alone in this effort.

3. Successful major gift fundraising takes a solid system.

Raising money from major donors is not really rocket science, but it does take a very careful organized structure. Without a structure, you will never be successful. We help everyone organize the prospect management system that works for their donors and their organization.

In addition, our coaching members all have monthly goals to reach, during the 5-month program.

Our goals are doable, and there’s plenty of support to help them work through any questions they face along the way. They are not alone, because we are just an email away.

Our goal is to help you lay down the infrastructure, systems and thinking inside YOUR organization that will take hold permanently. We want your organization to enjoy major gift success not just this year, but many years to come.

Every single organization can raise much more IF you tackle major gift fundraising seriously.

We are here to help and support you. Check out the 2021 Major Gifts Intensive here, and let us know if you are interested.

Registration closes next week, Feb. 24th. Make sure you register soon as space is limited and we are filling up fast.

We’ll hop on the phone with you and decide if Major Gifts Intensive is right for you and your team. It may not be for you. But then, it may be just the thing that will help you and your team catapult your organization to financial security!

Let’s make 2021 awesome, and close many major gifts for you and your cause!