Increase Your Year-End Fundraising $$ With This Simple Strategy

Wouldn’t you like to have a simple strategy that will dramatically increase the return from your fundraising appeals?

Here’s a tactic that can have a major impact on your donors’ generosity – at the time when it counts the most.

Give me a simple strategy, please, that I KNOW will increase my results!

Give me a simple strategy, please, that I KNOW will increase my results!

This is a key take-away strategy I’ve picked up this week from my interviews with THE top gurus and experts of our industry.  (Tom Ahern, Ted Hart, Leah Eustace, Amy Eisenstein, Sarah Durham and the great Mal Warwick himself.)

They’ve been sharing their best revenue-producing strategies for 2013 fundraising in my 2013 Year-End Fundraising Telesummit. (You can get all the classes and recordings here.)

Here’s something that ALL the gurus are talking about this year.

Send a SEQUENCE of fundraising communications including warm-ups and follow-ups.

What you want to do is take your regular old stand-alone fundraising appeal and turning it into a timed SERIES of smart communications.

A sequence is what really maximizes the return on your effort and investment.

Clearly it means NOT just one stand-alone appeal letter.

A sequence is a series of fundraising communications that all build on each other to give you much more return!

A sequence is a series of fundraising communications that all build on each other to give you much more return!

When you present a sequence, you have a much better chance of getting through your overloaded donor’s media filter.

Then you can get into her mind, inspire her heart and hopefully open her wallet.

Please, please promise me you will NOT just send one letter or just one email.

I see the smartest organizations all over the country and hemisphere, sending out the sole, lonely single appeal.

Then they wonder why their donors are not responding.

In your donor’s overly saturated brain, one little letter just does not break thru the din and static on her radar screen.

You’ve got to send out a SERIES of communications in 2013. No way around it.

Why not try a “multi-channel, integrated” campaign this fall?

It’s really not so hard.

If you use different communications channels to carry out your fundraising messages, you’ll certainly raise more money.

This is what a “multi-channel, Integrated” fundraising campaign really is. (Don’ja just love the jargon?)

First you create your theme, your graphic look, and your “fundraising offer.”

Then you plaster this exact message consistently across your web site, your donation page, your appeal letters, your appeal envelope, your pledge card, your email solicitations, and all your email communications.

Just think what you could accomplish if you said the same message over and over and over and over in all these different channels.

The same ask. The same look. The same language.

Tom Ahern says that

Tom Ahern says that we MUST send plenty of reminders to donors about their gift!


I think it would catch your donors’ attention. Don’t you?

Donors forget to make their gifts. Sequences remind them to give.

Tom Ahern, in his 2013 Year-End Fundraising Telesummit interview, said that the real reason our donors are not renewing their gifts is NOT that they don’t like us any more. (!!)

INSTEAD, they are not renewing their gifts because “they throw us away.”

They FORGET to make their gift.

Tom has worked with some organizations that get 40-60% response rates on their fundraising campaigns. (In our dreams, right??)

Their secret?

Leah Eustace CFRE says your "fundraising offer" needs to be specific and clear.

Leah Eustace CFRE says your “fundraising offer” needs to be specific and clear.

These organizations send out reminder after reminder. Nice note after nice note.

Tom said these organizations are “constantly putting offers in front of their donors.”

They don’t let their donors forget about them!

And their donors respond by giving. Hurray!

What is a fundraising “offer?”

I’ve referred to a fundraising offer several times already. And in the Telesummit, the very smart Leah Eustace CFRE of GoodWorks in Canada, shared “How to Create a Fundraising Offer Your Donors Can’t Refuse.”

Your offer is what you are asking donors to fund.

It’s got to be something interesting, urgent and exciting.

Leah Eustace says your “fundraising offer” needs to be really clear.

It’s got to be specific. It’s got to have urgency. It’s got to have emotion and passion.

And you need to nail it!

You can listen to Leah’s interview here and find out how to perfect yours.

Get Your Sequences Right: The Warm Ups and Followups Make The Most Difference!

If you want to get your sequences right, Mal Warwick and I will be discussing his ideas on Wednesday, September 25 at 2pm ET, for the grand finale of the Telesummit.

This is one of the first public presentations Mal has done in a few years. I am thrilled that he agreed to share his expertise with all of us – my INSIDER subscribers and my larger community.

Mal’s topic – which I am quite frankly dying to hear, “Get Your Sequences Right: How to Get the Most from Your Pot of Gold at The End of The Year.”

I am dying to hear what direct mail guru Mal Warwick has to say about getting our "sequences"  right!

I am dying to hear what direct mail guru Mal Warwick has to say about getting our “sequences” right!

Mal is the king of sequences.

He told me a few years ago that the right kind of followups can take your response rate from around 12% to as high as 40%.

That gets my attention!

So join us if you want to craft your most highly successful year-end campaign yet. You can find out more about Mal’s class and the entire Telesummit here.

As always, if you are a Fired-Up Fundraising INSIDER member, you get access to ALL my trainings and presentations as part of your subscription.

So what do YOU think of the sequences conecpt? Is it a no brainer? How is it working for you?

Leave a comment and let me know!