How to Evaluate a Board Meeting

It’s a great idea to evaluate every meeting or committee meeting that you hold.  But you want something painless and simple, that will actually encourage people to participate.

One organization I belong to has breakfast speakers once a month, and members pay to come for breakfast and the speaker.

This organization sends an email to all attendees immediately after the meeting, asking them to fill out an evaluation survey on SurveyMonkey. They get good, not great, response on the survey.

Another board that I serve on solicit evaluations immediately after the meeting. In our board packets, there is a convenient evaluation form to fill out.  Here’s what’s on the form:

Share your thoughts about the board meeting:

Meeting room?

Stick to the agenda?

Liked the agenda?

Did we miss anything important”

People were prepared?

Reports clear and helpful?

Cordial, team-like discussion?

Appropriate use of our time? (meeting began and eneded on time?)

Any other comments?

Anything we could improve?

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge our organization faces this year?

What were your big take-away’s from the meeting?