How a Feasibility Campaign Planning Study can Catapult Your Campaign Forward

Too many nonprofit boards are nervous about investing in a precampaign planning feasibility study.  They ask, and rightfully so, is it really worth the investment?

But take a second to consider the information that comes forward in the study. It is exactly what you need to jump start your campaign and ready your donors for cultivation and solicitation.

It’s what you do ahead of time that matters the most! Your careful planning and reconnaissance prior to your campaign makes the difference between a slow laborious effort that drags down, or a speedy, vigorous campaign that builds on increasing momentum.

By “testing the market” you are in effect taking the temperature of your major donors on every subject that might impact their ultimate gift to your campaign.

Reactions to your case.

Don’t you want to know how your major donors are reacting to your “pitch?”  There are probably points that they like – and don’t like – about your organization’s presentation of its vision for the future.  This is invaluable information on their hot buttons.  Knowing this information will help you show up completely organized with a presentation that emphasizes what your donors want to see.

How to approach your major prospects.

Just think how nice it will be to know when and how to cultivate your campaign donors. One may be selling a company, and will want to consider a gift sooner than later. Another may be dealing with family issues that could alert you to start cultivating other family members who will weigh in on the gift decision.

Feasibility Studies – when done well – can be worth their weight in gold.  Invest strategically and deliberately – and you’ll be pleased with your long term fundraising results.

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