Note from Gail:

I’ve personally guided 25 capital campaigns over the past fifteen years.  I’m proud to say that every one has been successful when they have followed the strategies that I laid out for the campaign.

In addition, they all have been public-private partnerships involving significant amounts of state, federal or local public funding. My political background and experience with government funding has enabled me to incorporate the effort to gain public funds into the campaign for private investment.

My approach to capital campaigns is all about the client organization. I get everything set up at the beginning: volunteers, case for support, strategies, materials. I get everyone trained and organized. I am very involved at the beginning, which is when you need the most strategic guidance.  Then I cut back my involvement gradually and let you take over when you are ready.

I also carefully limit the number of campaigns I do at one time so that my clients can have quick, direct access whenever they need me. I’d love to help you smash through your campaign goal,  achieve a whole new level of community visibility, and catapult your organization to a new level.

Campaign Planning Feasibility Studies – Survey Your Market

When the stakes are high, testing the market before you launch a major campaign is a vital step. I can’t overemphasize the importance of a well-done Feasibility Study. This Study actually provides the basis for all your campaign strategies.

I use the study interviews to pre-sell prospects on your campaign. In the study, I can identify your potential campaign chairs and find out what it will take to recruit them.  I give you a blueprint for success: where the money will be and how to go after it, what turns donors on about your cause and what they think of your organization, and what are the correct steps to launch a successful capital campaign.

The Development Office Audit: Assess your Current Challenges and Opportunities

You’re poised to start your capital campaign, but are you really ready? You need to review the back end of our fundraising operation to be sure it can handle the additional workload of a campaign.

I’ll give you best practices, strategies, tools and recommendations to improve your internal fundraising capabilities and be positioned for success. And I’ll be sure to let you know what it will take – from staff to resources to volunteer involvement – to raise your fundraising program to a new level.

Fire up Your Board for Friendmaking and Fundraising: A Training Retreat Just for your Board Members

I include my popular, high-energy training for board members as part of every campaign.  Your board members will get over their fear of fundraising, and find roles to support the campaign where they can be productive, happy and comfortable. You emerge with a re-committed, re-energized board, ready to go to work to make the campaign a smashing success. Learn More.

Capital Campaign Counsel: Guide the Course for Ongoing Success

I make sure you have the expert guidance you need to reach – and exceed – your campaign goals. During the campaign counsel phase, I focus on troubleshooting to solve obstacles, revising strategies to take advantage of new opportunities, continued identification of new major gift prospects and closing major gifts.

The work you have done in developing our board and staff, and in preparing us for a successful capital campaign has been exceptional and is deeply appreciated.  Even one year ago, the notion that we would mount a successful Capital campaign seemed a remote and foreign improbability. But with your help we have made it tangible and the talk of the town.

Dr. Finley Anne BryanExecutive DirectorCape Fear Botanical Garden

We ended our capital campaign at $28 million – well over our goal of $22 million, thanks to Gail’s strategic guidance. We are still reaping the benefits of that campaign today!   ~Chris Wood, VP Institutional Advancement, Mount Olive College

Gail,  thanks for helping us.  You gave us a lot of needed research, advice, and you told us we could do it and gave us a confidence boost to be successful. We successfully completed the capital campaign in May of 2009.   Considering that much of that time was during a wrecked economy, we were amazingly pleased.

Susan NoblesVP AdvancementPitt Community College

Gail’s gifted leadership and insight  provided key recommendations and advice to our Board enabling the ALA of NC to redirect our energies and resources to move our Development forward quickly and effectively.  Her approach is dynamic and empowering to staff and volunteers, providing clear when, where and how-to’s that make the process manageable for all.

Deborah BryanPresidentNational Lung Association of North Carolina

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