Capital Campaigns

Note from Gail:

My team and I have personally guided over 50 capital campaigns in the past fifteen years.  I’m proud to say that every one has been successful when they have followed the strategies that we laid out for the campaign.

In addition, many have been public-private partnerships involving significant amounts of state, federal or local public funding. Our political background and experience with government funding has enabled us to incorporate the effort to gain public funds into campaigns for private investment.

Our approach to capital campaigns is all about the client organization. Our goal is to get everything set up at the beginning: volunteers, case for support, strategies, materials. We make sure everyone is trained and organized. We like to be very involved at the beginning, which is when you need the most strategic guidance.  Then we cut back our involvement gradually and let you take over when you are ready.

We also carefully limit the number of campaigns we do at one time so that our clients can have quick, direct access whenever they need us. We’d love to help you smash through your campaign goal,  achieve a whole new level of community visibility, and catapult your organization to a new level.

We ended our capital campaign at $28 million – well over our goal of $22 million, thanks to Gail’s strategic guidance. We are still reaping the benefits of that campaign today!

–Chris Wood, VP Advancement, Mount Olive College