Why Tackle Boards?

Ah, our boards. What would we do without them! I was actually driven to write Fired Up Fundraising: Turn Your Board’s Passion into Action because I was desperate to find some new strategies. I was up against a fundamental challenge in fundraising: how to help well-meaning but reluctant volunteers get up the nerve to raise money for causes they care deeply about.

12 Ways to Liven Up Your Board Meetings — and Your Board

If your board meetings are regarded as an unpleasant obligation, it’s time to bring a fresh perspective: board meetings are an opportunity to exchange ideas, resolve issues and deepen commitment. Here are 12 tried-and-true ways to rethink your approach and create meetings that bring out your board’s best.

Successful Fundraising in Tough Times

Let’s face it. With the global economy tanking, philanthropy is taking a back seat in many people’s minds. Whether donors are experiencing a cash crunch or not, the real problem is that many people are simply not feeling like giving right now. It’s their attitude that has changed as much as anything. Here is what smart fundraisers need to do now.

No-Ask Fundraising: Six High-Impact Jobs for Board Members

How do we harness our board members’ passion for the cause and channel it into productive fundraising activities? Here are practical, easy ways your board members can open the door, connect their friends to your organization, expand your organization’s social networks, and help you find new friends and donors-without having to solicit.

Four Steps to Take Board Members from Fear of Fundraising to Enthusiasm

Here are four steps to take board members from fear of fundraising to understanding and to open the door for willingness. These steps give them a whole new perspective about raising money that is far more empowering and inspirational.

Easy Fundraising for Board Members

I’ve developed this quite unique approach will create a fired-up, engaged board of trustees excited about possibilities for your nonprofit organization and eager to create the resources to make it happen.

The Fired-Up Board: Preparing Your Board Members for Fundraising

If we want to fire up our board members for fundraising, we first need to fire them up about our organization and the good work we are doing in the world. As we know, a board that is not engaged and excited about the work at hand is not going to put itself out for fundraising.