Board Governance and Training: Board Roles and Responsibilities

Take your board to a new level with a refreshing session focusing on board roles and responsibilities. Just about every board needs to refocus on its appropriate role governing the organization and set new goals for performance. Gail can reinvigorate your board, helping each member find the ideal role, build new skills and contribute personal vision to your organization.

Trained in organizational development skills, Gail creates deeper discussions about your organization’s and your board’s purpose that help your board members get re-connected and re-invigorated.

Gail is an expert facilitator who can create alignment on goals and agreement among board members. She creates high-impact, results-oriented board retreats that are also enjoyable for all participants.

Strategic Planning Retreats

The annual board retreat is the right time to pull everyone together, appreciate accomplishments, identify future challenges, and set clear action-oriented goals. There are two keys to success with your board retreat: a great facilitator who can manage the group for results, and also a clear, well-defined agenda and outcomes.

Email Gail to see how to get the most out of your upcoming strategic planning retreat at She can help design your retreat for maximum productivity.

Board Facilitation

Have a thorny subject or urgent matter to resolve? Gail can help set up a productive discussion designed to encourage dialogue and reach consensus among a divided board.

As an expert board retreat facilitator, she can help you create a more closely knit board with a new level of collegiality and commitment.

“Gail Perry’s successful facilitation continued long after our retreat was finalized. Our Board was sharply divided about our future before the retreat. Gail helped us come to an agreement on non-negotiable goals. Her approach gave us a clear vision and marching orders. It has worked quite well. We have achieved solid success thanks to Gail Perry.”

- Ruth SummersExecutive DirectorThe Grove Arcade, Asheville, NC

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