Bad News and Good News about This Year’s Fundraising

The latest data on fundraising trends are showing some scary figures – and some optimistic ones too.

Will or won't your donors give this year-end?

Did you know that the overall numbers of donors is plummeting?

A recent study showed that donor populations have dropped by 21% in the past 5 years.

Check out the study by Target Analytics  here.

Target says even though donors are giving larger gifts, that’s not offsetting overall revenue losses from fewer donors.

But You probably don’t need me to tell you that we are all seeing fewer donors.

But here’s the really good news.

77% of major donors are planning to give the same or more as last year.

It’s the latest from Penelope Burk’s studies:  52% of major donors interviewed this fall said they expected to donate the same amount in this year-end as last year-end.

Yes, yes and yes again!

And 25% expect to give MORE this year-end.

This is absolutely terrific news!

Guru researcher Penelope Burk checked back in with donors this fall to see if they were changing their year-end giving plans at all.  She shared this latest data in a webinar recently.

But there’s more. She asked:

Why would these donors give more this year-end?

Number one reason? If the organization has a good record of providing measurable results.

You’ve probably heard me say this over and over – that donors want to see measurable results.

Well, it’s more important now than ever before.

You’ve got to prove your credibility to your donors, and you need to demonstrate trustworthiness.  They need to be reassured that you will spend the money wisely.

Donors want to be reassured that you will spend their money wisely.

What matters most? Your reputation and trustworthiness.

Are you a good steward of money? Is your program cost-effective?

I think today’s weary donors are finicky – they are uncertain and wary.

Burk recommends that you say exactly what you are raising money for, and then report back to them on what you accomplished with their gift.

More reasons why they’ll give more this year:

  • “My financial situation allows me to be more generous.”  (73% of younger donors, 44% of older ones)
  • “Charitable organizationss need more help now.”  (48% of younger donors. 59% of older ones)
  • 55%  If I were asked by someone I know or by a  leadership volunteer of the organization. (calling all board members!)
  • 51%  If the organization is more cost effective than others.
  • 48%  If the organization does not ask too often.

OK, my friends and colleagues, here’s your year-end fundraising blueprint.

You’ve got all the hot buttons that you need to hit listed right here.

Building trust with your donors is KEY!

It’s up to you what you do with this!

Why’s the latest research so very important?

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