A FIrst Class Strategic Planning Process

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I am the chair of a board governance committee charged with creating a strategic plan this year.  (lucky me!).

And I am determined to create a compelling, engaging, even exciting planning/visioning process that everyone will actually enjoy!

Here’s the process that I’ve sketched out this year:

1. Board Self Assessment Survey
2. Set strategic planning timetable and process

1. Form Task Force
2. Identify our organization’s stakeholders
3. Determine if and how we want to get feedback and input from the stakeholders
4. Create a plan/process for receiving their feedback

November board meeting:
1. Discussion of board self assessment survey data and determine any action items that need to be taken
2. Vision discussion with full board – what is our vision for our organization.  How much money would it take to achieve our vision?  (this is a “high impact – big picture” discussion that can draw additional people and resources to a big vision, as opposed to starting with “what can we accomplish within our resource constraints?”)


January and Feb: Focus groups of key players/stakeholders discussing what is our vision and how much money would it take

1. Complete environmental scan at a board meeting.
2. Provide input from the stakeholder focus groups that were conducted in Jan and Feb.
3. Conduct SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis.

April –  May – June: WHERE DO WE WANT TO GO?
1. Based on all info and data gathered to date, create several scenarios of LL’s future.
2. Assess each scenario re its pros and cons
3. Determine the right path for LL’s future and set goals.

July – August – September  HOW DO WE GET THERE?
1. Staff and committees create plans for accomplishing the goals.  Plans will include objectives, tactics/strategies and who’s responsible

What do you think?  Want to comment?