A Dynamite Year-End Email Strategy That Will Boost Your Results by 47%

And here’s a smart email strategy for the last week of the year that will absolutely bring in more gifts.

Remember when you get repeated emails in your in-box reminding you about something? I don’t know about you but I absolutely need these reminders.

I am moving so fast (way too fast most of the time – however I’m at the beach right now taking a day off!).  And I can’t keep quite up with my schedule and my to-do list sometimes, too.

So God bless the email reminders!

I am eternally grateful for them in my dim, over-saturated-with-media-and-too-many -ideas brain.

So don’t back off sending emails to the final group of non-donors at the very end of the year.  They just may be like me – fully intending to make that gift, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

So here’s a great strategy from Convio, the nonprofit technology company,

  • Plan to send a three-part, carefully timed, coordinated email appeal at the very end of the year.  Convivo recently presented a strategy that included –

*   a “holiday support” e-mail sent on Dec. 23, 2008;

*   an e-mail stressing tax-deductible opportunities on Dec. 29, 2008;

*   and a final tax-deductible push on Dec. 31, 2008.

According to Fundraising Success Magazine’s email newsletter today, this particular campaign by Convivo, the nonprofit software company, resulted in a “47 percent increase in the amount raised online in December 2008 over December 2007, and a 109 percent increase in total income raised year over year!”   (the exclamation point is mine!)

In the Year-End Strategies Telesummit, direct mail expert Mal Warwick said these types of emails at the very end of the year are a “don’t miss” fundraising strategy that will definitely bring in more contributions.