5 Steps to Build Steadfast Donor Loyalty & Retention in 2017

We’re having some fun with donor retention today.

We do know that donor retention = donor loyalty, right?

So donor retention is the name of the game for 2017 and beyond.

And your ultimate goal as a fundraiser is to build up a cadre of high value, high commitment donors, right?

To help you, here are 5 simple, doable, practical, and wildly important tips that can help you increase YOUR donor loyalty:

  1. Educate everyone in your organization about why Donor Loyalty is so important.

The whole concept of donor retention and attrition is new to many people.

You need to start by educating your colleagues and board members.

Run the numbers for everyone and show them how even small increases in donor retention can yield up to a 200% increase in giving over time.

  1. Create a Donor Loyalty Program with communications every month.

You need a full-fledged “program” of donor loyalty initiatives.

Call it a program – make it real for everyone.

This is a deliberate set of strategies with a calendar, a planned set of activities and communications, and a financial goal tied to the program.

Why not adopt #donorlove as an organizational manifesto?

  1. Pay attention to WHAT you are sending your donors.

Donor retention Guru Roger Craver recommends that you communicate this way: (BTW, Roger himself will share his thoughts with the INSIDERS during our Donor Loyalty Month in July. You won’t want to miss him.)

– show them the impact of their money

– make the donor feel like they are part of an important cause

– send information about how is being helped and how

This seems so simple but it’s hard to get it right!

  1. Pay attention to HOW you are communicating with your donors.

What’s your tone? How often do you get in touch? How responsive are you?

You can build a donor’s trust by being consistent and reliable when you communicate with her.

Give your donor a chance to send you feedback.

Ask for their input or opinion, even in a survey.

  1. Ask your donors to tell you their story of why they are giving.

I love, love this approach. For all donors – large or small.

When you ask your donor for her story, you’ll see her eyes light up and her smile glow.

She’ll be so grateful to you that you actually asked.

We spend so much time talking “at” donors that we don’t really invite them to talk “back” at us!

Soooooo – I have a question:

Do the people at your organization even understand donor retention?

And do they even understand fundraising? I mean – what you do and how/why you do it?

Do you even feel like fundraising is lonely?

I always felt like it was super lonely myself.

It sure can leave you feeling unappreciated. And you’re doing some of the hardest work of ALL, dang it!

What if things were different?

What if you had a community that not only supported you, but knew first-hand what you’re experiencing day to day?

How would it feel to have a ton of supportive colleagues backing you up, cheerleading you on, and encouraging you?

And how would you feel if you knew you had me personally behind you, supporting you too.

This is exactly why my INSIDERS community exists:

Because: I personally know how difficult your job is. I’ve been there myself on the lonely front lines.

Because: you deserve more – and much better – support and encouragement.

Because: I know that with more training, you can raise even bigger bucks for your organization.

INSIDERS is an awesome group of smart forward-thinking folks who get the latest, state of the art ideas and training proven to work.

They have access to live webinars, exclusive archives of fundraising wisdom from industry experts, PLUS monthly conference calls with me to have their most pressing questions answered. Hurray!

Just think: how much success could you achieve with the right tools and strategies to meet your fundraising goals?

Our INSIDERS membership sale is ending Tuesday February 28.

Get details about the INSIDERS right here.

And say good-by to loneliness!

And have a lovely afternoon wherever you are in the world.

Take a walk after work if it’s pretty. If the daffodils are blooming yet (they are here in North Carolina!), take a moment to enjoy them.

And take a moment to realize just how important your work is – what a difference you make every day. Whether it’s lonely or not. Whether your colleagues understand donor retention or not.

Just acknowledge yourself for being the change you want to see in the world. 🙂

Thanks for hanging with us! And thank you for all that you do.