My #1 Year-End Fundraising Tip that Will Bring in the Most Money

Here my favorite fundraising tip that can boost your year-end results?

I know this is a terribly busy time for you.dec-31-calendar

But here is actually one important step you can do pretty easily.  And it can be highly profitable to your annual fund bottom line.

And we all want that, don’t we?

This simple tactic can make the largest difference in your year-end fundraising results.

So if you could do just one thing in the next 5-6 weeks – here’s what I recommend:

Make sure your largest donors from last year renew their gifts before the end of this calendar year.

Here’s what to do:

1. Pull a report of all donors who gave last year but who have not given yet this year.

2. Sort the report by highest gift so you can see who the largest donors are who have not yet renewed their gift.

3. Add up all the money that came in last year that has not quite yet come in this year.

4. You will probably faint after seeing the dollar amount – so pick yourself up off the floor at this point! 🙂

Here’s where you want to focus.

These dollars will be relatively easy to raise.

Why? Because they are simply renewals- these lovely people have already voted with their wallets that they are on your support team.

5. Now, let’s craft a quick and dirty strategy to go after these wonderful people who are hanging in the balance.

Your donors would probably love to hear from you!

Your donors would probably love to hear from you!

Be sure they are asked AGAIN to renew their gift.

These donors are important to your cause. You should be in touch with them anyway, right?

What can you pull off here at the end of the year? There are lots of things you could consider:

Tip #1: Staff can make phone calls to your largest lapsed donors.

Why not pick up the phone, call them and tell them you are thinking of them here at the end of the year.

Give them a brief update if they are interested.

Tell them you hope they will be renewing their support. Ask then to share with you again why they believe in your cause.

Share with them your program goals for the coming year , and invite them to help make these wonderful things happen in your community.

  • Use the MPI Formula – mention a dollar amount (money) that will fund a project, and then share the impact that the gift will make.

Tip #2: Organize a board member phonathon to lapsed donors asking them to renew.

elderly lady on the phone

Your more elderly donors might just love for you to call them.

Board members tell me that asking donors to renew their gifts is the easiest ask to make.

They are much more comfortable with this type of ask than you might think.

Be sure to give them training, though. Role playing exercises are fun and give them important practice.

  • AND, of course make it FUN for your board members so they will all pitch in!

Fundraising tip #3: Send very, very personalized letters to your largest donors.

It’s certainly not too late to create some warm, personal appeal letters to your largest donors.

Even if they have been asked earlier this fall -and especially if they’ve been asked – you should followup personally with them.

Just say, you noticed that they have not yet renewed their support. Use the MPI Formula to remind them HOW they can help change the world with their gift.

  • I think following up with these donors is simply good manners, myself.

Fundraising tip #4: Make in-person visits to the top 10 donors who have not yet renewed their gift.

Face to face visits with your donors are the best possible fundraising strategy.

During your visit, lay out your plans for next year and ask them to join with you to make these wonderful things happen.

Find out what their hot buttons are and what their questions are.

This kind of thank you gift can seriously touch your donor's heart.

This kind of thank you gift can seriously touch your donor’s heart.

Make sure they do most of the talking during your visit.

  • If you do, they’ll talk themselves into making the gift!

Fundraising tip #5: Send a special holiday greeting to them.

It can be a video from someone your organization has helped.

It could be homemade cookies or sweets.

It could be a warm and fuzzy thank you gift or message.

Sending holiday greetings to your donors reminds them that you care about them as people.

Don’t be all about the money – then they will feel like ATMs and all will be lost.

  • In this season of gratitude and giving, be sure you spread some special cheer to your major donors.


There is a huge amount of money on the table RIGHT NOW for you and your cause.

And it’s all from your donors who need to renew their gifts.

This is the easiest money to raise ever. Focus here and you’ll see happy dollar results!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!