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The Number One Thing You Can Do to Raise More Money This Year

There is one step, and one step only, that can make the largest difference in your year-end fundraising results.

And it’s not letters or email or fancy packaging or phone calls or any of that stuff.

It’s simple. It’s straightforward. And it should be pretty easy.

Here it is:

Identify the top 10-15 largest donors who gave last year but have not yet given this year – and go see them.

Find out what is on their minds and ask them to support you this year.

Spending your time with these funding sources is clearly the absolute best place for you to be in November and December.

So go see these wonderful donors who already believe in you and have supported you in the past.

They have already voted with their pocketbooks that they are sold on your mission.

These donors are pre-sold.

You won’t need to educate them, or spend a lot of time developing a close relationship, because it already exists.

It’s the most productive place for you to put your energy – especially if you evaluate the return on your investment of time and energy.

And if you added up the amounts that these funding sources represent, I’ll bet it is a substantial part of your year-end fundraising goal.

All of us fundraisers know that it is the higher dollar donors who make the most difference in our totals.

So spend your time where the pockets are the deepest, if you want to raise the money that you need.

I am particularly impressed at how the Boys and Girls Club put its board members to work making year-end face-to-face visits.

Read about it here and find out how they organized and motivated their board members to make $1k asks in their year-end visits.

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Bottom Line:

If you don’t do anything else in your year-end campaign, you must do this. Go see your last year’s major donors and ask them to renew their investment in your cause.

Are you making face-to-face visits this year-end? How’s it working?

Let me know with a comment:


  • Jeff B

    You didn’t address the issue of meeting with those larger donors when they live in another city. Are you saying a small organization should hop on a plane and travel across the country?

  • gailperry

    HI Jeff, well, if those major donors have the potential and interest to make a significant year-end gift, a trip might be in order. For small organizations, you have to weigh the costs vs the potential revenue of such investments of time and money. And be very strategic. I’ve been there!