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The Best of 2012

Top Blog Posts of 2012

It’s the end of the year, so I thought if might be fun to take a look at this year’s most popular posts. It’s interesting to see what YOU liked the best! Here they are:


Dump the Cliches: Words and Phrases Fundraisers Love to Hate!

Here are YOUR most hated words and phrases in fundraising!  This was a fun and informative post based on YOUR feedback.



The 3 Most Boring Words in Fundraising Appeals

This post was hands down my most commented and looked-at post during 2012. There must be something about sharing “boring” words that brought people out to comment.



3 Key Major Gifts Strategies for 2012

Those major gifts can make or break your organization’s financial future. Here are three easy to implement major gift strategies that can instantly put you on the road to fundraising success.



Don’t Be a Fundraising Dinosaur: 5 Big Ideas to Adopt Right Now

I just couldn’t resist sharing these 5 “status-quo” challenges that you should share with your board! Here are five wonderfully provocative nuggets from the AFP International Conference inVancouver.



How to Craft a Killer Thank You Letter

You wrote a dynamite appeal letter. Now it’s time to write a drop-dead thank you letter. Follow these 16 tips for the best thank you letter ever!



The Komen Fiasco: 5 Lessons Your Board Can Learn

We all remember when the “Komen Fiasco” went viral last year. I created this post to remind you and your board what NOT to do!



5 Insanely Successful Ideas for Getting in the Door to See Your Prospect

Most everyone is terrified of making the call to schedule an appointment to see their donors. In this post I shared 5 easy ideas to help YOU make that phone call and land the appointment.



An Easier Way to Ask For A Gift

Asking for a gift is the moment of truth in fundraising.  Here is a simple, painless strategy that can take tons of pressure off the situation, pave the way for a positive response, and make it easier for everybody involved.



10 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Fundraising by Next Week

Believe it or not there are things you can do right now that will improve your fundraising. This post was popular because I gave you 10 quick fixes that you use can right now and see quick results.



Why Friendraising Works Better Than Fundraising

This is one of those concepts that would have gotten me laughed out of fundraising 10 years ago, but now having friends is more important then ever. Your board will love this post!