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A Dynamite Year-End Email Strategy That Will Boost Your Results by 47%

And here's a smart email strategy for the last week of the year that will absolutely bring in more gifts. Remember when you get repeated emails in your in-box reminding you about something? I don't know about you but I absolutely need these reminders.I am moving so fast (way too fast most of the time - however I'm at the beach right now taking a day off!). And I can't keep quite up with my schedule and my to-do list sometimes, too.So God bless the email reminders!I am eternally grateful for them in my dim, over-saturated-with-media-and-too-many -ideas brain.So don't back off sending emails to the final group of non-donors at the very end of the year. They just may be like me - fully intending to make that gift, but haven't quite gotten around to it yet.So here's a great strategy from Convio, the nonprofit technology company,
  • Plan to send a three-part, carefully timed, coordinated email appeal at the very end of the year. Convivo recently presented a strategy that included -
* a "holiday support" e-mail sent on Dec. 23, 2008;* an e-mail stressing tax-deductible opportunities on Dec. 29, 2008;* and a final tax-deductible push on Dec. 31, 2008.According to Fundraising Success Magazine's email newsletter today, this particular campaign by Convivo, the nonprofit software company, resulted in a "47 percent increase in the amount raised online in December 2008 over December 2007, and a 109 percent increase in total income raised year over year!" (the exclamation point is mine!)In the Year-End Strategies Telesummit, direct mail expert Mal Warwick said these types of emails at the very end of the year are a "don't miss" fundraising strategy that will definitely bring in more contributions.

Just how important is your web site?

Did you know that 65% of donors sometimes check out your web site before they make a contribution?AND: 40% of your donors ALWAYS check it out before they give.These stats are from my good friend Kivi Leroux Miller, aka, If you are not following Kivi, you are missing an incredible resource. She is my "go to" source for all things e-marketing and e-fundraising. Check her out today!