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INSIDERS brings you potent fundraising-boosting tactics to help your cause.
The BEST fundraisers in the world give you the tools you need to increase giving, expand your vision of what’s possible, and take your nonprofit to unparalleled heights.

Is this you?

“I know we have tons of fundraising potential, but we’re not organized enough to go after it.” —Novice fundraiser

“I feel like I’m working 24/7 and we’re still on a fundraising treadmill.” —Executive Director

“I don’t have the support from my board or the leadership that I need.” —Seasoned fundraising pro

“We urgently need to raise more money. But our time and resources are limited.” —Board member

What would you be able to accomplish if you had an organized, smarter fundraising plan of action? How would you work better knowing that you’re spending your time in all the right places? How would it feel to have some smart shortcuts that lead to a more efficient fundraising operation, plus personal guidance to construct appeals that truly resonate with your donors? What would it feel like to have unwavering support from your board?

How much good could your organization achieve if you were able to raise significantly more money month after month, year after year?

INSIDERS can help you.

NEW for INSIDERS in 2015

2015 Intensives:

Skyrocket Your Fundraising With a Systematic Major Gifts Program

Gail Perry will give you the strategies, steps, checklists, and templates to build or boost your major gifts program so you can dramatically improve your bottom line. You’ll get all of her personal strategies to attract more major donors and close bigger gifts.

Fire Up Your Board for Friendmaking and Fundraising Workshop

For the first time ever, Gail shares her internationally popular workshop for board members with you. This transformational workshop will take your board members from fear of fundraising to enthusiasm and action. You’ll also get a complete workbook for your board and staff (a $599 value).

Build a Base of Loyal Donors Who Will Support You Year after Year

The most successful pros in our sector will show you how to create a sustainable fundraising program that yields reliable cash flow each year. You’ll learn exactly how to expand and grow your donor base in 2015.

Leadership Skills You Need to be a Success in Both Work and Life

We’ll dive down into the personal skills that will guide you to the next level of fundraising success. Learn to navigate internal politics, get people to see your point of view, manage up, give and receive constructive criticism, and most of all, develop your career.

New Speaker Series:

World-Class Fundraising Ideas for Advanced Fundraisers

Turn Your Fundraising Around – Disruptive Ideas That Can Change Fundraising Forever

We’ll have the BEST thinkers and presenters in the WORLD: the folks who keynote the conferences, the most inspirational speakers, offering the freshest and smartest strategies anywhere. Here’s where you’ll discover the NEW and the FASTEST ways to raise money.

You get these (and much more) as an INSIDER.

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The Smartest Strategies from the Top Fundraising Experts in the World

Helping you reach your fundraising goals as quickly as possible.

Kivi Leroux Miller
Kivi Leroux Miller of is a top international expert on nonprofit messaging and communications.
Andrea Kihlstedt
Andrea Kihlstedt of Capital Campaign Magic is a leading international expert on capital campaigns and major gifts.
Bernard Ross
Bernard Ross of the Management Centre in London is one of the world’s foremost authorities on nonprofit strategy.
Kay Sprinkle Grace
Kay Sprinkle Grace is the celebrated author of Beyond Fundraising: New Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation and Investment.
Beth Kanter
Beth Kanter is an internationally renowned blogger and nonprofit thought leader, with extensive social media expertise.

Plus the secrets of the most successful pros in our sector:

INSIDERS Nonprofit Experts

After you join, you can instantly access their fundraising growth strategies.

Master the Art of
Smarter Fundraising

You can get a direct shortcut to the essentials – just what you need, when you need it. You’ll never waste your time.

As an INSIDER, you’ll learn exactly how to…

  • Build and grow a base of loyal donors who will stick with you each year.
  • Create amazing fundraising messages that can touch your donors’ hearts.
  • Catapult your fundraising with expanded major gifts.
  • Fire-up your board for friendmaking and fundraising.
  • Ask for a gift, and never, ever get turned down.

You can stay focused, take action, and move forward to achieve.

Gail Perry

Gail Perry — INSIDERS’ Creator

Gail Perry, MBA, CFRE, is an international fundraising consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and thought-leader. She’s helped organizations raise literally hundreds of millions in gifts. Her goal?

To give you the energy, inspiration and skills you need so you can change the world.

Her reputation attracts the world’s top people in fundraising to contribute their best ideas and techniques to the INSIDERS.

Gail created the INSIDERS to bring the field’s best and brightest directly to YOU so you can raise significantly more money in less time.

The moment you sign up, you’ll have access to…

  • 20 Master Class Webinars per year – with CFRE credits!
  • 4 In-Depth Intensives & Workshops per year
  • The Complete INSIDERS Library & Archives
  • Peer Support Group via Facebook
  • Monthly Call-Ins with Gail Perry
  • 4 Bonus Workbooks (a $396 value)
  • Special INSIDERS-Only Discounts
Fired-Up Fundraising INSIDERS Community

brings top-notch professional training to nonprofit leaders

Here’s what you get:

CheckmarkMaster Class Webinars

20 Master Class Webinars that share potent fundraising-boosting tactics for your cause

Two 60-minute Master Classes each month with experts personally selected by Gail to bring you the most successful ways to attract and keep generous donors in 2015. You’ll get complete transcripts, recordings and videos — plus CFRE credit, too!

CheckmarkVirtual Fundraising Workshops

4 In-Depth Intensives designed to help you attract more donors and bigger gifts

We’ll explore important topics in detail so you can build and grow your donor base, keep your donors giving generously to your cause, and be more productive with your time.

CheckmarkThe Complete INSIDERS Library & Archives

The Complete INSIDERS Library & Archives gives you the secrets of the most successful pros in our sector

Our library brings you an unparalleled set of fundraising strategies, tactics and plans that you can access anytime to ramp up every aspect of your fundraising.

CheckmarkPeer Support Group via Facebook

Peer Support Group via Facebook that helps you implement strategies to grow your donor base

Got a question? Need some motivation? Get immediate, anytime support from your colleagues to help you implement new money-raising strategies and grow your donor base.

CheckmarkMonthly Call-Ins with Gail Perry

Monthly Coaching Call-Ins with Gail Perry to guide you to the next level of fundraising success

Join Gail on the phone each month for a 60-minute call-in session. You’ll get personal coaching to help you reach the next level of fundraising success.

Checkmark4 Bonus Workbooks ($396 value)

4 Bonus Workbooks with Gail’s personal tips that will generate more gifts for you ($396 value)

Gail’s detailed workbooks give you implementation plans, checklists, and templates that will generate more gifts for your cause. They’re YOURS to download for free, just for signing up.

  1. Building a Major Gifts Program From the Ground Up
  2. Catapult Your Annual Fund to New Heights
  3. Designing Wildly Successful Year End Campaigns
  4. The Board Members Guide to Asking: How to Never Get Turned Down

CheckmarkSpecial INSIDERS-Only Discounts

Special INSIDERS-Only Discounts on all of Gail’s newest offerings in 2015 and beyond

You’ll get a hefty 20% discount on all Gail’s newest training materials, including workbooks, eBooks, and audio products. You’ll also hear about Gail’s latest products before anyone else.

Kendall McCarter

Tremendous training tool and resource for new staff.”I don’t know of another offering where an organization can get so much expertise at this price point.

Kendall McCarter
Chief Development Officer
Tennessee Wildlife Federation

Cyndi Bilyeu

An invaluable tool.”The Master Classes with the many fundraising leaders leave me with renewed passion, ideas and vision for our organization!

Cyndi Bilyeu
Executive Director
Sunshine School & Development Center

Karen Smith Fernandez

Latest, best practices help us to be more effective.”Even after many years in the field, I learn something new from every presentation.

Karen Smith Fernandez
Director of Development
Audubon North Carolina

Frani Kieffer

Love hearing what’s new across the industry.”It’s a great motivator to help implement innovative, more productive strategies. Thank you to Gail for all of her work and experience!

Frani Kieffer
Executive Director
Avera Sacred Heart Foundation

Christopher Corish

Helps me be a better fundraiser every single day.”Gail’s work is top-drawer and her presentation is fabulous. The classes and webinars are terrific. Being a member of this program is worth every penny.

Christopher Corish
Director of Development
George Mason University

Kishshana Palmer, CFRE

A fantastic resource.”INSIDERS keeps me grounded and doing what’s best for my donors, especially on the days where the ideas and desires of my CEO and board members threaten to derail me.

Kishshana Palmer, CFRE
Kishshana & Co

Money and time an issue?

Money an issue?

When is it not? But for less than $1.95 per day, you’ll get immediate inside access to the best fundraising strategies in use today. Once you put this knowledge to work, your added revenue will pay for your membership many times over. You can’t beat the value.

Time an issue?

Time is only your enemy when you waste it. You can spend countless hours trying to figure out how to do all the things we teach you how to do right here. Sign up today and you could be generating bigger gifts inside of a month. You do the math.

Summary of
What You Get

20 Master Class Webinars per year  (with CFRE credits)

4 In-Depth Intensives & Workshops per year

The Complete INSIDERS Library & Archives

Peer Support Group via Facebook

Monthly Call-Ins with Gail Perry

4 Bonus Workbooks  (a $396 value)

Special INSIDERS-Only Discounts

Gain access immediately after completing the payment.

Get potent fundraising-boosting tactics for your cause.

Expand and grow your donor base and go to the next level of fundraising success.

Join INSIDERS now for just $79 / month

Or join for a full year for $697 and save 25%!

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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

Answers to your questions

It’s as easy as opening your web browser. Just login to the INSIDERS portal and you’ll have instant access to the entire library of recordings, handouts, templates, slideshows, and eBooks. You can even access the material while on the go, through your phone or portable device.

No problem. If you cannot attend a live class, you’ll always have access to a recording and transcript. Recorded sessions are added to the INSIDERS Library shortly after the event takes place. You’ll also receive a link to the recording right in your inbox.

INSIDERS was designed so that you can take advantage of it in the time you have. Whenever you have a task in which you need some guidance, you’ll find help on your topic in the INISDERS Library. Logon to the library anytime you like, whenever it’s most convenient for you.

INSIDERS is all-inclusive, covering every aspect of fundraising. Right from the start, you can access training on major gifts prospecting, creating sensational fundraising events, motivating volunteers and board members, donor communication programs, creating a killer case for support, shaping your fundraising messages, asking for gifts (and never getting turned down), keeping donors for the long haul, crafting a perfect appeal letter, and so much more.

Gail leads approximately a quarter of the webinars and workshops herself. The other three-fourths are directed by a wide variety of the most well-known experts in the field, providing you with a variety of different perspectives and strategies.

Yes! You’ll receive a weekly INSIDERS email every Tuesday. In it, you’ll find the latest Master Class Webinars, plus links to the audio, video and any accompanying materials from recent webinars. You’ll also be reminded about upcoming workshops and call-in sessions with Gail.

Your INSIDERS subscription will renew automatically on the anniversary of your purchase date. You can elect to pay monthly, quarterly or annually (with the latter two options offering additional savings). Cancel or change your membership anytime, without hassle. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your INSIDERS subscription, Gail will give you a full and immediate refund.

Here’s the fact:  Once you’re an INSIDER, you’ll have direct access to ALL of the best minds in fundraising. You’ll gain invaluable skills, providing you with a steady, growing source of revenue.

No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I really, really want you to be beyond-belief satisfied. So if you feel you haven’t gotten at least 10 times your membership price back as you implement these strategies, techniques, tools and tips throughout the year, I will issue you a 100% total refund. Period. No questions asked.

In other words, all of the risk is on me!

Gail's signature

“Gail has a way of expanding my thinking about fund development, offering gems of ideas, while keeping things practical. I walk away from each webinar with a feeling of optimism and at least one idea or fact that I share with others.”

Lisa Breen Strickland, Principal – The Strickland Group

“Not only is Gail a top expert in the fundraising field, she is an amazing and caring mentor. Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious! Anyone seeking to grow professionally needs to join this program! It’s one of the best investments you can make.”

Christine Grant, Consultant – Nonprofit Support Solutions

“INSIDERS has something for every level of fundraising practice. If you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to benefit from YEARS of expertise from Gail and other leaders in the field. I’ve been fundraising for 20 years and have enjoyed all the sessions.”

Beth Ann Locke, Director of Resource Development – Aga Khan University

“INSIDERS offers members a fantastic learning opportunity and a great Facebook network with other members. I love the opportunity to share and get new fundraising ideas. And Gail gets the best presenters. Well worth the investment.”

Glynis Corkal, Fund Development Officer – Misericordia Health Centre Foundation

“INSIDERS provides timely help with practical tips you can implement right away! The webinars are always fast-paced and packed with information, so you know you’re using your time wisely. Gail makes you feel like a colleague, not a client.”

Kris Blackwell, Executive Director – Voice of Care

“As an Executive Director, the INSIDERS workshops have been career-changing for me. I am astounded by how much I am able to learn and to put into action by spending only two or three hours with you per month.”

Molly Matlock, Executive Director – Chatham County Arts Council

“I’m a one-person department in a small nonprofit, so money is very limited for staff development. Your INSIDERS group is the only program for which I requested the funds from my CEO. I wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Judith Goldstone, Development Manager – UNHS NeighborWorks

“INSIDERS provides a wealth of effective and actionable resource development knowledge, techniques, best practices and more from Gail Perry and experts around the globe. It’s worth every penny.”

Brian Stezenski-Williams, Executive Director – Boys & Girls Club of Wausau

Join INSIDERS now for just $79 / month

Or join for a full year for $697 and save 25%!

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