Create a Killer Appeal Letter or Email

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Would you like an expert critique and important edits —  so you can get your donor’s attention and bring in a generous gift?  

Wouldn’t you like for these elements to work together seamlessly to create the perfect pitch for your cause:

  • an opening what will keep the donor reading,
  • an ask that your donor will respond to generously
  • layout that keeps the donor engaged
  • a clear call to action that asks clearly and repeatedly,
  • a signature and PS that encourages your donor to give.
  • a powerful pledge card with the right elements to encourage the gift.

I’d love to help you get the money that’s out there for your organization. You can sign up for a 30-minute private phone session with me anytime, at your convenience.

Last week, I helped a the director of a theater organization and here’s what he said:

Thank goodness – my letter now has real heart, which is exactly what I wanted.  You’ve given me a new vocabulary in just 30 minutes!

Let’s work together to frame your most compelling letter ever – one that brings in the most money ever!

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How much more could you raise with expert help on your letter?

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“In just 30 minutes, Gail helped us increase the impact of our annual appeal by sharpening our message and by giving us great tips on how to make it more effective. She knows how to get donors’ attention. And her fundraising advice is spot-on!”
Dianne Calvi, CEO Village Enterprise

“Your ideas this week have sparked SO many practical great ideas for my org.  Worth. Every. Penny!”
Kelly Voss, Director of Development

“This is such a wonderful service you are doing! I appreciate you so much!”
Denise Lamphier, Director of Communications and Development, Grinnell Regional Medical Center

“Last year, we drained all of our resources down to $957 and stopped paying our rent.
Today with two weeks left in the fiscal year we have caught up on the back rent, we have over $35,000 in our checking account. We are poised to realize an operating surplus in excess of $20,000 with additional money streaming in from a summer appeal that just hit the mail! I owe it to what I have learned from you.

Linda Frenette, Community Music School

As with everything I do, you have a full money-back guarantee if you are not pleased and satisfied.