What They Say About Gail’s Board Training & Retreats

I absolutely loved the workshop. I also thought that the honesty of the Board was excellent.
–Board Member, the Pine School, Hobe Sound, FL

Gail, you’re just terrific in terms of your warmth, empathy, energy and group dynamics. I can see why you are so effective with nervous board members and volunteers.
–Dr. Haig Khachatoorian, NC State University

Gail is that special person who can motivate boards to fundraise by removing their fears and instilling within them with a renewed sense of purpose.
–Gary McDonald, America’s Second Harvest Food Bank, San Deigo CA

Gail, You are the best fundraising consultant I have ever met in my 30 years of doing board work! You have greatly helped the organizations I chair: VISIONS, the Wright’s Center, and Make Way Partners. THANK YOU for always being so responsive and on target with all your advice!
–Louise Coggins, LCSW

Gail was wonderful. Even this old dog learned a few new tricks.
–Board Member, the Pine School, Hobe Sound, FL

Gail, Loved your workshop, your enthusiasm and brilliance for the work and the material you presented. It was right on and perfectly aligned for me and the needs of my organization. Appreciated very much a window into your mastery.
–Stanford Siver, Alliance for PeaceBuilding, Washington DC

After our retreat, the board member are showing confidence that we are a cause that offers something so critical and worthwhile. They KNOW people will want to support us. They truly have been “transformed”… thank you!
–Jeff Weller, board chair, Ronald McDonald house of the Rio Grande Valley

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful presentation to the SECC Kick-Off Luncheon group !!! You not only gave everyone good techniques and tools, but put a very human face on the process of fundraising.
–Dr. Haig Khachatoorian, NC State University

I wanted to personally say thank you for a tremendous evening of inspiration. I know you changed mind sets and attitudes about how we approach fund raising and more importantly how we can effect positive outcome.
–Deborah M. Johnson, CFRE, Director of Development, The Pine School, Hobe Sound, FL

You make fundraising comfortable and fun for our board members. And you energized us all to move in a positive direction. Thank you so much!
–Michael Lowery Development Director, Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill

I really like the way you involve your audience in the discussion with numerous exercises and activities. That really helps people immerse themselves in the topics and creates important buy-in to the subjects discussed.
–Jeff Weller, board chair, Ronald McDonald house of the Rio Grande Valley

Thank you for helping us move closer to realizing the vision we have for our Museum You were extremely well prepared for our particular needs. You kept the meeting “light” and fun, and yet were able to convey an important message.
–David H Pottenger III, Board Chairman, NC Museum of Life and Science

What a change! Now when we discuss fundraising no one begins to make excuses or shies away. Our board members are stepping up to foster the relationships with donors, love to tell our story to anyone who will listen and certainly aren’t shy or “ashamed” to ask.
–Jeff Weller, board chair, Ronald McDonald House of the Rio Grande Valley

Gail, It was such a thrill to see the body language and faces of our board members change from reservation, reluctance, and uncertainty to smiles, laughs, and excitement. You rallied the troops in a way that got them out of their comfort zone, made them tackle those underlying fears, and empowered them to motivate. It was brilliant!
–Abby Johnston Director of Development Saint Mary’s School

Thank you so much for the fantastic retreat this morning!!! Our board members (and staff) are energized and ready to begin the work ahead.
–Carolyn Insley GBMC Foundation
Thank you for the extraordinary training session you conducted for the Museum this past Saturday. It was informative, thought-provoking and fun. In these challenging times, where resources are scarce, an organization would be wise to use some of those resources engaging your firm.
–David H Pottenger III, Board Chairman, NC Museum of Life and Science

I love your cultivation strategy of “advice visits.” I’ve been having a great time contacting various business leaders asking for their coaching/opinion on making the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Red Cross a success. My approach is to briefly outline what the Red Cross does in our community , and ask what successful practices they have seen on the charitable boards they serve on. The response has been great. They are interested and want to have on-going dialogue. Thanks again, Gail!
–Karen Mildenhall Managing Director Marsh, Inc. President elect, GRAND CANYON CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN Red Cross

I was surprised at how quickly our session went, felt far more knowledgeable about the friend-raising process and am convinced our organization is better off for having been through this. Additionally, I feel that my personal knowledge base was greatly expanded.
–David H Pottenger III, Board Chairman, NC Museum of Life and Science

Gail, Your passion is contagious and your visit was so helpful.
–Gwendolyn, Board Member of America’s Second Harvest San Deigo CA

Thanks so much for a great retreat and leaving us with so much new momentum to go out and raise funds for GBMC. You did an outstanding job.
–Doug Smith Greater Baltimore Medical Center Foundation

Over the past week I’ve had the privilege, and I use that word deliberately, to attend three great meetings, all of which serve to inspire me. All presenters were on their game, which gives me great hope for our future. Thank you for being one of these three.
–David H Pottenger III, Board Chairman, NC Museum of Life and Science

We were all impressed with your “soft sell with great impact” presentation yesterday. Clearly we learned some new tools for fund-raising but more importantly shifted the attitude!
–Marion G. Thompson, board member greater Baltimore Medical Center Foundation

Gail’s practical advice from years of successful fundraising was priceless. Hers is that rare training after which you walk out and immediately start implementing her ideas. All I can say is “thank you!”
–Kim Lopez, Board member Insight Meditation Center, Washington DC

You sure fired our board members up with ideas and a sense of confidence that they can be great “friendraisers” for our organization. Your energy and enthusiasm for fundraising was infectious.
–Peggy A. Grimes Executive Director Montana Food Bank Network

I have never seen this group be more engaged and excited about fund raising- and believing we will be successful! We sure are on FIRE here!
–Deborah M. Johnson, CFRE, Director of Development, The Pine School,Hobe Sound, FL

Gail, you have a presentation style that puts your audience at ease and draws them in as you make your points. The real life stories you use to illustrate your points are both entertaining and educational.
–Jeff Weller, board chair, Ronald McDonald house of the Rio Grande Valley

Gail’s energy and ideas will be useful in many aspects of our lives – above and beyond just fundraising. Fundraising is an area that I am not excited about – but now I really feel like I have a new perspective.
–Board Member, the Pine School, Hobe Sound, FL

Gail, you scored a home run in the warm, accessible manner you illustrated how each board member can play a key role in fundraising without asking for money.What made this retreat so special was the way you connected not only with the board members, but with the mission of the school. Your presentation was insightful, compelling and, in many ways, transformational. BRAVO!
–Paul Lerner, Genesis School, Kansas City
Thanks so much. Just want to let you know that you were amazing.
–Larry Chu Jr., El Camino Hospital Foundation, CA, Board Member

Gail Perry is in-fact a non-profit missionary with a message that can save great organizations by helping them bring committed and passionate donors to their cause.
–Kim Lopez, Board member Insight Meditation Center, Washington DC

Gail helped Democracy NC have its best board meeting EVER. After her visit, the members of our board were inspired to help. They’re already making thank you calls and planning next steps!
–Molly Beacham, Democracy NC

Thank you very much for the great retreat. It was very productive and extremely uplifting to me and the members of the board. I really appreciated your focus on being positive and emphasizing our successes!
–Fouad Fakhouri, Artistic Director Fayetteville Symphony

Gail Perry moved us from failure and drudgery with fundraising to success and reliability. She was worth every dollar and more.
–Angela R. Bryant, Founder, The Wright’s Center, Rocky Mount, NC

Great investment of time and money.
–Board Member, the Pine School, Hobe Sound, FL/testimonial]

The work you have done in developing our board and staff, and in preparing us for a successful capital campaign has been exceptional and is deeply appreciated. Even one year ago, the notion that we would mount a successful Capital campaign seemed a remote and foreign improbability. But with your help we have made it tangible and the talk of the town.
–Dr. Finley Anne Bryan, Executive Director, Cape Fear Botanical Garden

Because of Gail, we are on our way to creating a well-oiled machine that can confidently and effectively sustain the financial support we need to do our work.
–Caroline A. King, Administrative Director, Operation Respect, New York, NY

Gail, I cannot thank you enough for your work preparing us to raise money. Our board members now have a clear understanding of their role in fundraising, and are actually taking the initiative to implement the plan. This is nothing short of miraculous.
–Jon Wilner, Director, the ArtsCenter

Thanks so much for your great advice for our organization. Your support and enthusiasm are inspiring.
–Margaret Barrett, Orange County Rape Crisis Center, Chapel Hill, NC

I don’t know where or how to begin thanking you! Just know that you have changed lives and made a lasting impression on Fayetteville. You showed us how to fine tune what was already in place, how to reword our approach (both written and verbal) more effectively and how to incorporate new initiatives into what already was taking place here at FSO. In addition, your strategies are easy to remember, so they can be quickly put into practice. For example I have already quoted your “when in doubt throw a party” and “buy a ticket anyway” philosophies when communicating with the board.

Personally, I feel that I have greatly increased my knowledge, skills and confidence in the fundraising area and therefore my value to my organization and any future employer. I appreciated how you supported the staff. You aimed to help us rather than seeking out deficiencies or putting people on the defense.
–Linda Frenette Executive Director, Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra

Thank you for good usable information and for helping us stretch to find our own way.
–Zanne Baker, Board Member, Penland School

Gail was a very skilled, passionate facilitator at the NCAEYC Board Retreat. She helped me to view fundraising from a totally new, different perspective.
–NCAEYC Board Member