39 Provocative Tips From #AFPICON That Will Make You A Smarter Fundraiser in 2014

AFPeeps san antonio 2014

Official #AFPeeps photo, 2014 San Antonio AFP Conference

The International AFP Conference in San Antonio this week was pretty amazing!

This year I didn’t make any presentations – and that meant for a change,  I could sit back and enjoy learning from so many smart fundraising leaders.

I was tweeting up a storm! Instead of taking notes, I set down key thoughts in my tweets.

Here are some of the smartest, most provocative fundraising ideas from the conference captured (by me and others) in 140 characters!

I DO have a #1 favorite! Leave me a comment at the bottom of the post, share your fav and I’ll give you mine!

All these smart, cutting-edge strategies and tips are from these amazing fundraising gurus and pundits:

Tom Ahern, Harvey McKinnon, Karen Osborne, Penelope Burk, Andrea McManus, Pamela Grow,  Tammy Zonker, Raymund Flandez of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Kay Sprinkel Grace, Beth Kanter, Sandy Rees and Rachel Muir.

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You MUST watch this video FIRST!!

Must watch!








Which tip/tweet is YOUR favorite and why? Let me know with a comment and I’ll share my favorite!

  • Megan Hodges

    Gail, I wasn’t in Tom Ahern’s session to understand what he means by “When you mix anecdotes and statistics – it depresses giving.” Can you clarify?

  • Jessie Marushak

    Gail – Looks like we chose many of the same sessions! So many favorites on this list. Loved everything from Tom Ahern, Stephen Pidgeon and Tammy Zonker, but I have to say this one is standing out the most: Have you ever thought how different history would have been if MLK said “I have a strategic plan” – dreams inspire #afpicon

  • gailperry

    He means that studies show that too many stories combined with too much data is overkill. He says only one tear-jerking story should do it!

  • gailperry

    Yup that one is from Kay Sprinkel Grace! thx!

  • Brad Carter

    My favorite: “Emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions”. This resonates with me and is a powerful reminder for our communications and asks.

  • @BurgeKim

    Gail, loved your first non profit job , you wrote loyal donors, asked them to share why they give w stamped self addressed envelope. A donor’s story is incredible.

  • gailperry

    Hi Brad, this goes for ALL fundraising – lead with the heart and then followup with the head stuff. : )

  • gailperry

    Hi Kim – actually that idea came from @pamelagrow. Wish I could say that I had done it myself! :)

  • Sara Cakebread

    Hard to decide. . .First one more philosophic. Second one more practical. Both and all tips terrific! “Have you ever thought how different history would have been if MLK said “I have a strategic plan” – dreams inspire” OR “Great donor communications: You ask (and flatter donor); you thank (and flatter); report (and flatter donor) “

  • gailperry

    Hi Sara! Want to know my fav? It is this one: She who asks the questions controls the conversation!
    Great stuff here isn’t it!

  • Melissa

    Have you ever thought how different history would be if MLK said I have a strategic plan.

  • gailperry

    Lots of people love that one! We should send it to our board members!